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Tintype Remington Typewriter


After spending 30-plus years practicing architecture in both Dallas and Los Angeles, John Hall found the “future” of photography on a visit to Gettysburg, Pennsylvania in 2016. Feeling disillusioned by digital photography, and harkening back to past years in the darkroom both as an amateur and occasional professional, the re-emerging 19th century wet collodion photographic process seemed like a perfect fit. Following multiple educational workshops with wet plate photographers like Lisa Elmaleh and John Coffer, both highly respected in the field, Rodeo Tintype was born.


Although John is no longer the bullrider of his youth, his love of the cowboy culture remains. Like Alexander Gardner and Timothy O’Sullivan before him, he can most often be found “in the field” with his Jack Russell Terrier, Bowie, photographing most anything that will hold still.


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